The making of Emel 2015: Liyana Jasmay & Emma Maembong


Here’s finally a sneak peak on what went on behind the scenes for our Emel x Liyana Jasmay and Emel x Emma Maembong campaign shoot! Our theme this year is ‘Colourful Journey’ so a colourful hot air balloon would only seem fit for the shoot!

The Emel Team as well as our dearest celebrities woke before dawn and prepared for a bright and early morning shoot at The Dataran Merdeka. We were in awe of seeing a real hot air balloon up close as this is the first time for many of us. It’s amazing how much effort it takes to actually blow it up. We shot our celebrities in various positions, inside the balloon, outside the balloon in the background, leaning against the wall of the balloon and on the balloon basket.

We were very happy with the outcome of the pictures, being our first shooting with an amazing hot air balloon. Enjoy the pictures! 😉

Love, Mel.


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