Emel x CLPTS Press Conference


On 26th April 2016, we held a press conference for our Emel x CLPTS Launch of our newest Raya collection this year. At 2pm, press began to arrive and we ushered them to Zoo Negara’s Panggong, where the press conference was held. While waiting for everyone to arrive, delicious bite sized food from The BIG Group was served while behind the scenes videos of our campaign shoot rolled out on the screen.

Four of our CLPTS, Serena C, Daphne Iking, Atilia Haron and Aishah Sinclair were present during the press conference together with Melinda Looi and Julian from Reef Check. Sazzy Falak and Dynas Mokhtar were unable to able to attend the press conference, so we showed a personal video from both of them to say their hello’s.

Emcee Deborah Henry hosted the press conference, decked in Royal Star Blue Peplum Kurung by emel x SazzyFalak’s collection.

It was indeed a great afternoon, with each of the celebrities sharing why they decided to collaborate with Melinda Looi for the Raya collection this year. Julian from Reef Check also shared about the importance of coral reef conservation and how the coral reefs are dying each year. If we do not take any action now, they might go extinct altogether in 50 years!

Besides that, our celebrities were all wearing designs from their own collection that day. Serena was wearing Lyrata, Daphne was wearing Longhorn in Pink, Atilia was wearing Pussilus in Purple and Aishah was wearing Stenella in Peach. Also not forgetting Melinda Looi, the designer herself who is wearing Striped Shore Modern Jubah.

We would like to wish a big thank you to all our beloved press for making the time to attend the press conference! We hope you love this collection as much as we do! 🙂






















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