Emel x CLPTS: Full Behind-The-Scenes Video

Building a collection is one thing and preparing for a campaign is another. Emel 2016 Campaign shoot was beautifully taken at Pangkor Laut Resort. With great hospitality, Pangkor Laut landscape was beautifully suited to our underwater collection. It couldn’t have been a better time as well for a group of best friends to spend quality time and work on a campaign shoot together for a socially conscious Raya collection.

Melinda Looi and team, as well as a number of makeup artists, hairstylists, videographers, Zung as our photographer and the CLPTS [Aishah Sinclair, Atilia Haron, Daphne Iking, Dynas Mokhtar, Sazzy Falak and Serena C], dedicated time, and effort to work together to make EMEL X CLPTS Campaign success. The weather was just perfect for an outdoor campaign shoot. Gorgeous shots of the celebrities by the beach and around the resort was taken before we headed out to the sea for one of our main campaign photo that you must have seen which is on the boat!


After 3 days filled with laughter, sweat and hard work, we were happy with the campaign photos and last but not least had fun working together! Thank you to our beautiful CLPTS for being impressively stellar and for all the crews that have helped to make this shoot a success! View the full video below.

Shop our Emel x CLPTS collection here!



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