About ’emel by Melinda Looi’

During her past travels, fashion designer Melinda Looi was so moved by the disparity between the rich and the poor, that she immediately set a plan in motion to develop a charity fashion label as an on-going effort to help the less fortunate. Consequently, ‘emel (pronounced eh-MEHL) by Melinda Looi’ was born.

‘emel by Melinda Looi’ is a limited-edition, annual charity Hari Raya collection by Melinda Looi. The word emel is derived from the word amal, of Arabic origin. Amal means hope, expectation, and aspiration. In Malay, it means good deeds or charity.

This new sub-brand by Melinda Looi offers a range of ready-to-wear apparel collection ranging from the traditional Baju Johor, Baju Kedah and the ubiquitous Baju Kurung, to more modern, edgier pieces as well as some sophisticated evening looks for dressier occasions, all of which will be priced affordably at less than RM550 per set. A percentage of sales proceeds will be donated to a selected charity.

“I hope that ‘emel by Melinda Looi’ would be able to bring some Raya happiness to the less fortunate. By creating an accessibly priced collection, more people would be able to contribute to charity while doing their Raya shopping!“ quipped Melinda.

‘emel by Melinda Looi’ injects an extra dose of glamour to its annual collection by aiming to collaborate with a different celebrity each year. He or she would also nominate the charity organization to which the proceeds of that year’s collection would be donated. By doing this, Melinda hopes to leverage the power of celebrity influence to raise awareness for, and contribute to a variety of causes, as well as spread the spirit of giving in young people who look up to these celebrities as their role models.

This year Melinda Looi is collaborating with a group of celebrities who calls themselves CLPTS ( Celebrities with Pet Projects ) which consists of Aishah Sinclair, Atilia Haron, Daphne Iking, Dynas Mokthar, Sazzy Falak and Serena C  on six Baju Raya 2016 collection under the ’emel by Aishah Sinclair’, ‘emel x Atilia Haron’,  ‘emel x Daphne Iking’,  ‘emel x Dynas Mokhtar’ ,  ‘emel x Sazzy Falak’ and  ‘emel x Serena C’ labels respectively.